Burn Permits

Open burning will be permitted,  March 30th through May 30th. Permits are only issued for the area served by the Park City Fire District, excluding Park City proper. To request a burn permit click on the following link


For more information call (435) 940-2532 or stop by the Fire Prevention Office at 736 W. Bitner Road.


Summit County Code Section 5-2-6: RECKLESS BURNING:

Please become familiar with Summit County Code for controlled burns, including the new notification date:

A. Reckless Burning Prohibited: No person shall:

1. Recklessly start a fire; or

2. Cause an explosion which endangers human life; or

3. Having started a fire, whether recklessly or not, and knowing that it is spreading and will endanger the life or property of another, either fails to take reasonable measures to put out or control the fire or fails to give a prompt fire alarm; or   

4. Build or maintain a fire without taking reasonable steps to remove all flammable materials surrounding the site of the fire as necessary to prevent the fire's spread or escape; or

5. Damage the property of another by reckless use of fire; or

6. Fail to notify Summit County sheriff dispatch prior to any controlled open burn occurring between April 1 and October 31.

B. Definition: A person acts "recklessly" under this title when he is aware of, but consciously disregards, a substantial and unjustifiable risk whose disregard constitutes a gross deviation from the standard of care that an ordinary person would exercise under the circumstances.

C. Enforcement: This section may be enforced through the administrative code enforcement hearing program in title 1, chapter 13 of this code. Remedies may include both civil fines and fire cost recovery. (Ord. 803-A, 9-25-2013

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