Message to Silver Creek Residents regarding a possible secondary access 

Dear Silver Creek Residents,

Following is important information regarding a possible secondary access between Silver Creek and another point outside of the neighborhood:

    1. The County has received many requests over the years for a secondary access point to the community,primarily for safety reasons, but also for connectivity. While there is an emergency connection off of Cottonwood Trail, it has been used infrequently. It has been verified that the Park City Fire District has access though.

.    2. The County included several options for a connection to outside the neighborhood in the 2009 Snyderville   Basin Transportation Master Plan as place holders and for further study. There was a public process prior to the County Council adopting the Master Plan.

      3. The County has always intended to further refine the possible connections, and will continue to develop and refine options that will be presented to the residents at a future open house. There will also be a work session with the Summit County Council. There will multiple opportunities for public input. These meetings have not been scheduled as there is still several months’ research to complete.

     4. The County will use criteria such as safety, traffic potential, road construction and maintenance, land acquisition, maintaining rural characteristics of the neighborhood, and cost to evaluate the various options. Currently there is no funding budgeted for the project. There is a grant for future purchase of right of way, but it is not in this year’s budget.

      5. It may be determined that the current emergency access is the best option. While this may limit response time and potential for bus routes, there might not be another viable option at this time.

      6. Any additional information will be distributed through the normal SSA#3 channels and posted at the mailboxes.


Thank you for your interest in this important manner, and we look forward to future opportunities for public input.


Kim Carson, Chair

Summit County Council